Louis CK is the man who openly—and for 20 minutes—kept asking Donald Rumsfeld if he was, in fact, an alien lizard when he went on O&A to promote his shitty book about his many fabulous wars. When one host asked Rumsfeld if he'd ever been shot at, Louis clarified, "With plasma weapons?" So Louis is quite political, and… » 3/09/12 8:52pm 3/09/12 8:52pm

I haven't been here in a while. This format is still total crap. Great writers, okay sources, good overall mission... all totally, totally thrown away for a bad executive concept. How are you looking at this mess and thinking you're about to win back everyone who's run away? » 4/10/11 9:03pm 4/10/11 9:03pm

I don't see why Anon *wouldn't* attack them. It doesn't have to be a whole "campaign" or whatever... just the usual TOS attack to bring down their server and cause trouble for these Nazis. What part of that isn't noble and worth doing? The fear-mongering bitch did say, "Bring it on." So bring it the fuck on,… » 2/20/11 8:27pm 2/20/11 8:27pm

Obama should clear everyone from the room except for Zuckerberg, absolutely slam that fucker across his simpering, privileged face, and when he tumbles to the floor, Obama should stand over him and tell the skinny sociopath exactly how he's going to prevent underage users from ruining their lives and the lives of… » 2/16/11 8:03pm 2/16/11 8:03pm

She looks haggard because she's a mean, nasty old lady. She doesn't work hard. She schmoozes, sleeps in, and has assistants write every single word that is attributed to her. She is one of the most petty, self-entitled assholes on the face of the earth. I know a guy who managed her ex-husband's campaign: she showed up… » 2/16/11 7:21pm 2/16/11 7:21pm

Hey, I know there are shades of gray in all this. But I'm kind of through with gray after the last two years. Anyone who hurts, embarrasses, or weakens anyone with a lot of money or political/corporate clout can do almost no wrong in my book. I'd fucking love some class warfare. How can I go wrong when the only people… » 2/13/11 8:16pm 2/13/11 8:16pm

Wow, nice one. I'm not even slightly offended that people look for fun outside their marriages—marriage is ridiculous—but then don't tell girls raped by their uncles that they can't have an abortion, shithead hypocrite hedonist. Or that gay people are "other". Enough with the pretend-Christians, GOP. Most of you would… » 2/09/11 7:25pm 2/09/11 7:25pm

Lindsay gets destroyed while Charlie gets a pass because bloggers like Perez Hilton have a psychotic hatred of women that's shared by certain producers at TMZ, writers at the Post, and some writers, editors and the owner of Gawker. They look at fat, old, cynical Charlie being totally out of control and say, "Aww..."… » 1/28/11 8:41pm 1/28/11 8:41pm

"Nobody on Fox will say that"? Everybody on Fox will say anything. And they already have! That's their job. That's all that the dessicated corpse of Rupricht, his spoiled, zero sons, and his buzzard of a wife want from NewsCorp: To just say insane shit out loud and be noticed. Rupe isn't insane, but mere evil. Having… » 1/13/11 8:56pm 1/13/11 8:56pm

Jesus. I used to think something had changed in the writing of Gawker since I'd been there to make it seem kind of lame. But it really is you readers and commenters. The lowest denominator has so much power now. A story about reporters in Little Rock is reacted to as if they were writing the NY Times, with all the… » 7/09/10 8:40pm 7/09/10 8:40pm

@psybab: I think because it's normal to go on TV for free, just for the kick; and the people on his show get to highlight their favorite local restaurants, and may be rewarded for that in trade of some sort. It's unusual to be asked to contribute to a book for free, especially when the pool isn't writers, but cooking… » 7/07/10 7:54pm 7/07/10 7:54pm